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Why do you love working at DMG? Part 3

Working at DMG is so much more then working with a few people, we are a community. I love that we get to take on many roles all in one day. I can be a restaurant, retail store, lawn service company and a web designer in one day. I think it is truly unique that through my relationships with my clients I can have a deeper understanding for their business. I buy into the vision of each company that we help represent. It is so much fun to work at DMG because each day can be so different from the other. We have an open door policy and I love when people, clients, business associates, and friends feel so comfortable that they can come to my office and hang out for a while. I am thankful that this month of July marks 6 years in business. I feel truly blessed to be the Marketing Director of Divine Marketing Group LLC. #claytonnc #dmg #werk

Cindy Nanez