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What Should You Be Spending On Social Media Marketing?

Small businesses don't have millions to spend on marketing let alone setting aside a big chunk of that to dedicate just to Social Media.  The Return On Investment (ROI) needs to be significant in order for a small business to continue the spending. Depending on YOUR business, the going rate is anywhere between 10-16% of your total yearly marketing budget.  Just on social media.  

For instance, if you are a Business to Business Service industry, you'll need to spend around 10%.  If you are in the Business to Consumer Product industry, then you will need to take that up to a whopping 16.9%. Now that you know what the cost will be, what is it that you need to do?!!? Some of the tasks involved in SUCCESSFUL Social Media Marketing include the following:

 #1 - Managing pages (generally at least five to ten Tweets and three to five Facebook and/or Instagram posts a week)

#2 - Writing and editing multiple blog posts a week (at least one weekly blog post)

#3 - Gaining relevant followers.  (This is key, as if you don't have followers, then no one is hearing what you're creating! Creating campaigns that target your audience is key)

#4 - Keyword monitoring and hashtag alerts.

#5 - Analytics and making sure all of these actions are connected to your website.  (If you don't have a website, GET one NOW! If your website is not updated, UPDATE it NOW)

Hiring Divine Marketing Group to handle and manage all of these tasks is what we do.  We work with YOUR budget to give you exactly what you need and help you grow your business successfully.

Cindy Nanez