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Google Plus

Google plus is a a social network from Google. Some of its tools and features come from existing services and platforms, such as the Picasa photo storing and sharing platform. Some of the features are similar to other popular social networks and micro-blogging platforms.

If you think Google Plus is just another social site, you are in for a big surprise. 

It is essentially an awesome tool for human communication. BUT -- you need to experience it, embrace it and 'get it' before this realization happens.

So when people ask, "What is Google Plus?" there is the temptation of saying it is "like Facebook" or "like Twitter" but once you get involved, it is not that similar to either. Yes they all involve "social" and "people" and "communication", and both of those other social networks can be great at doing what they do, but Google+ is something different. It is bringing people together within the context of many of Google's services. It is, quite simply, something to be experienced for yourself. 

Having a Google + account for your business is crucial in optimizing your SEO (search engine optimization).  The more Google products you use, such as YouTube, Google Play or Google Drive, the better your SEO will be and your business will be "found" a lot easier by consumers searching for you on Google.  

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Cindy Nanez