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4 Steps to Building Your Email List: Step 3

On your website:

  • Add Constant Contact’s “Join My Mailing List” widget to your website and your Facebook Page so people can join your list.
  • Add a sign-up link to you blog.  If your readers enjoy what they are reading on your blog, there is a good chance they will want to hear more from you!
  • Collect email addresses when people are making a purchase. Be sure to indicate they’re opting-in to receive future emails from you.
  • Conducting an online survey? Add a sign-up link to the survey to let people share their feedback and join your email list at the same time.

Quick tip #3: Many businesses send birthday promotions offering customers a discount or gift on their big day. Why not offer an anniversary promotion? You’ll attract couples who will be in a celebratory mood to splurge.

All information gathered from Constant Contact!

Cindy Nanez