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Say What You Need To Say

Have you ever wondered what the keys to creating great content is? The power of what you say and how you say it, is the most important part of engaging your audience to the point that your content is share-worthy.  

Cindy Nanez




Content Marketing

Say What?

  1. *Know what kind of results you want. Clicks or downloads, visits to your store or office, reservation or appointment, or a phone call.  

  2. *Your content should be a resource to your customers that will entice them to take action.  

  3. *Write for your audience, not you! 38% of people unsubscribe if content is boring and 32% if irrelevant. It is important to know what your audience wants.  

  4. *Turn your customers questions into content.  

  5. *Communicate through images. 

  6. *Talk about your environment in your business, expertise, and make it fun! 

  7. *Engage your audience with videos, then take that resource and break it down into shareable content.  

  8. *Share content created by others. Do interviews with your employees, members or volunteers, partners and customers.  

  9. *Use links and keep your wording relevant, short, and focused.

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Cindy Nanez