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Holiday Email Marketing Plan

Do you know what emails you plan to send to subscribers this season? Whether you want to drive online sales, boost year ends donations, get people to your holiday events or get shoppers into your store, now it’s time to make a plan to create your holiday marketing emails.

With a great plan you can put together a successful marketing campaign that will increase your sales or donations this holiday season.

1.     Know your dates! It’s thoroughly important to note the upcoming holidays and retail events because they’ll help you plan out the right marketing for your business or nonprofit.

2.     Know your goals! Whether your goal is to increase sales, donations, or get more people to sign-up to your email list.

3.     Once you know what you want to send, you’ll be able to easily create your email campaign. Keep it simple with a picture, paragraph and call to action.

4.     Need holiday content? Why not run a giveaway or contest for your holiday email campaign. They are a fun and engaging way to reward loyal customers and generate sales.

5.     Try a three-part series. Start with an announcement, send a reminder, then a last-minute reminder. The idea is just to make sure you get something out there so your clients, or members are thinking about you during the holidays.

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Cindy Nanez