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How To Dress For Spring Under $50 part II with a vintage modern twist!

Vintage inspired styling can be a lot of fun to put together but it can also be a little pricey. Find staple pieces that can help your outfit complete itself. Like shoes, jewelry, etc. Layering is a part of that process, never be afraid to layer your clothing. For example I was able to take a navy striped button up shirt with elbow patches and layer a vintage sheer top over it. When I think vintage RED is always a fun color to use as a pop, many times I will wear red lipstick with an outfit like this, but I decided to use RED in the shoes. 

Stripe Shirt- $10 warehouse sale

Gold and Tan Skirt-$10 warehouse sale

Red Shoes-$20 QVC FFANCY shoe on sale event

Pearl & Bow bracelet-$1 Consignment sale

Sheer Vintage Top - Gift from Hip Replacements in Asheville NC

Cindy Nanez